view at the appennin
view from the balcony with the Apennine Mountains in the clouds, picture taken June ' 08

view to south
gardenview eastside, picture taken June ' 08

kitchen dining room combination
view part of the dining room, on the walls are some oringinal stones left unpargeted, June ' 08

westappartement panorama
gallery, westappartement, view from sleeping room down onto the kitchen, June ' 08

panoramic view inside
westappartment ground level, panoramaview, June ' 08

garden look at rustico
eastern side of rustico and north appartement, June ' 08

inside view rustico
triplets ;)  kitchen and dining room of rustico, June ' 08

inside view rustico
location of the farmhouse

inside view rustico
beach in Senigallia, 30km from the farmhouse, Jun ' 08