House for sale

Holiday house with 3 completely refurbished separate apartments, 4 big cellars and one Portico for sale in Marche, central italy.

We (teacher and handcraft artist) restored this house between 1995 to 2001 and turned it into a holiday house for our friends’ and our own pleasure. Eventually, there came into existence 3 apartments in different sizes.

price: 430 000 €

  Esszimmer Rustico Esszimmer Rustico Schlafzimmer Rustico

However, out of health reasons we have decided to sell the whole house, which is about 350 m2 with 3500 m2 land surrounding it. The house would suit nature-loving people who can imagine earning some extra money with „bed and breakfast”.

Currently there are 3 separate appartments with separate entrances and independent heating systems. The house is also registered as a three-family house. However, by simple structural changes, it could be turned into a one family house. One of the four big basement rooms is already turned into a small bathroom unit and the remaining three basements - as well as the portico - could be also extended into further comfortable apartments.

The closest neighbours (150 m) are Dutch, a married couple who have just bought a house here that needs refurbishing. 500 m further on lives another Dutch couple already for 3 years. We became good friends with the sheperd couple, Antonia and Francesco whose house is 600 m away from us, at the very end of the nearby village, San Pietro. The house is surrounded by farmland and pasture of our shepard neighbour.

Our house is approximately 6 km away from the next biggest town, called San Lorenzo in Campo, and 30 km from the sea. The house is set in a peaceful area, it is completely undisturbed by street noise, whatsoever. It has a beautiful view on the hilly landscape of the Marche and on the Appennines.